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Major Movie Star

There is already a film titiled, 'The Major,' a Russian action film but there would be no objections in naming another film 'The Major' with the Mayford Park owned Canadian Major the star of the show.

A horse with a high price tag as a yearling started with a bang with Mick Price for Mayford Park and a host of other owners. He then was purchased fully by Mayford Park after some below par performances before he then picked himself off the canvas and proved what a quality racehorse he is.

A horse with a will to win that can not be trained into them and the toughness that few possess. Earning just over $50,000 so far and more to come. Owned by a great group of people who would happily play themselves in the movie.

'The Major' heads to Cranbourne on Friday night in the last race of the night as his career is closing in on the big action ending of the story. His last start over the 1200m at Park is a forgive run after missing the start they were always going to be to sharp for him. The step up in distance will suit him as he continues to build to his more favoured distances.

An appearnace at the fast approachin Warrnambool Carnival awaits Canadian Major in what would possibly be the perfect ending to his career or possibly the movie.

A trailer for the movie may look something like this...

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